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Pre-Authorized Remittance

Members who wish to make a regular financial contribution to the life of our community of faith are encouraged

to enroll in our Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) Program.

Registering with PAR means that an amount you specify will be

automatically deducted from your bank account 

in a way identical to how many pay their monthly utility bills.

Not only is this a convenient method by which to support Chalmers-Castle Downs United Church,

PAR also provides the Church with a steady stream

of donations throughout the year

which facilitates planning

and the management of our resources.


Arranging for PAR is easy and convenient.

Just download the pre‐authorized giving form,

print it out and complete it, 

and attach a cheque marked “VOID.”

Enclose both in an envelope

and place the envelop on the offering plate

at one of our Sunday morning services,

give it to our Treasurer,

leave it at the church office during office hours,

or mail it to:

Chalmers-Castle Downs United Church 

12315 132 Ave NW

Edmonton, AB T5L 3P6

If you would like to donate money

to Chalmers-Castle Downs United Church

using the PAR system,

please use the following link to access the form.   


Should you have any questions concerning Chalmers-Castle Downs’ PAR program,

please contact the Church Office

at 780-455-3664

or by email at

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