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Mission and Service

The Mission and Service (M&S) Fund supports a wide range

of programs and activities allowing the United Church of Canada to bring aid

and support locally, nationally and around the world. M&S projects in Canada

and around the world allow us to live out God's mission in places

where we cannot go as individuals or even as a congregation.

Chalmers-Castle Downs United Church has a long history of supporting

the M&S Fund. Should you prefer to donate by mail or phone,

please click here.

You can contribute funds through our PAR program.

Simply indicate the amount that should be sent to Mission and Service

along with the amount you wish to contribute to the church funds on the PAR form.

Please give generously in grateful thanks for all God has given you and know that

your gift will be greeted with profound thanks

by the people who are helped and served through the M&S Fund.

For more information concerning the Mission and Service Fund

please contact our Church Office at 780-455-3664 or by email at

Your Gift Will Transform Lives

Your contribution will help support ministries and programs such as:

  • Global and Canadian justice initiatives
  • Aboriginal ministries and right relations
  • Community ministries
  • Theological education
  • Faith formation – youth, camping, intercultural engagement
  • Support to remote ministries
  • Innovation in communities of Faith

All this and so much more—through your generous gifts for Mission & Service.

To learn more about the various projects funded by Mission and Service, please click here.

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