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Thank you for supporting the ministry and mission

of Chalmers-Castle Downs United Church.

You can do that now by clicking the Donate Now button below and using a debit or credit card. 

Your receipt will come from Canada Helps. Your gift, less the small Canada Helps administration fee, 

will be forwarded to Chalmers-Castle Downs United Church.

You can obtain weekly or monthly envelopes and give your offering during Sunday morning service.

Please call the Church Office at 780-455-3664 to arrange for your envelopes.

In addition to our regular Sunday service offering,

there are several other ways that you can support Chalmers-Castle Downs’ ministry and mission:

Pre-Authorized Remittance

You can arrange for monthly donations

to Chalmers-Castle Downs through

our Pre-Authorized Remittance

(PAR) Program.

Mission and Service

You can make a donation

directly to

the United Church of Canada’s

Mission and Service Fund.

Legacy of Faith

You can arrange for a portion

of your estate to be willed

to Chalmers-Castle Downs United Church through our Legacy of Faith Program.

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